Adults have opportunities to study together during Adult Bible Classes.
Classes change every quarter - all are welcome!

March - May Session

First Service | 9:00 - 10:10

College & Career

Jason & Tracy Wilkinson: [Room 101 - Church Office]

The College & Career class is for men and women who are in college or starting a career. Current faith issues and topics of interest to the class are explored every week.

Coffee and Conversation: The Book of Judges

Jesse Neustadter: [Back of Multipurpose Room]

The book of Judges is full of interesting characters and fascinating stories, but it is really a book about how far people can fall away from God and how God graciously saves. The stories it contains point forward to the coming of Jesus as the ultimate Savior. This class will be structured to facilitate small group discussions in a casual atmosphere and will contain live and video teaching.

Raising Gender Healthy Children

Josue Sierra: [Room 109 - Next to Office Suite]

Schools and culture around us are teaching our children lies about sexuality and gender at increasingly younger ages. As children face the wounds and consequences of today’s sexually broken world, parents need tools to help them raise healthy children. Let’s come together to learn how we can better follow God’s design for gender and sexuality and disciple our children towards a Biblical self-identity.

March - May Session

Second Service | 10:30 - 11:40

Mere Christianity

Seth Sheriff, Lee White: [Room 113]

If you have already read Mere Christianity, then we need say no more. However, if you are not familiar with this great Christian classic then you are in for a spiritual treat. In his winsome way, C.S. Lewis develops the essentials of what Christianity is and is not. He then applies mere Christianity to living the Christ centered life.


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